Web Product Design & Analytics

For Restaurants and Retail Shops

Web Product

Friendly user experience to boost conversions. Consistent design across devices.  Launch your e-commerce store and start selling your products and services.

Web Analytics

Measure your website interactions and learn more about your customers. Review your progress with custom dashboards. Keep track of KPIs that matter to your business.


Fast and reliable hosting for WordPress websites. 99.99% up time.


Continuos Product Design that adapts to customers feedback.


Real time Analytics to better understand your customers’ journey and your customers’ struggles.


Custom Dashboards with KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your content and customer engagement.


Sketches give a clear picture of the structure and layout of your website in the early stages.


With wireframing you can visualize the relations between the pages and have a content inventory to build upon.

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Get a UX Audit and Web Traffic Report of your website

PageSpeed Ingishts

UX Heuristics

Web Performance

Session Replays


Ready to start selling and learning what your customers enjoy about your website?

Step 1

Launch your Web Product Page

Having a Web Product Page enables you to consistently and continuously see how customers are interacting with your website and act upon feedback based on different data points.

Step 2

Set up the code

Once you have a Web Product Page, we will send you the code that will help you to measure your customer interactions with your website.

Step 3

Start Measuring and Improving

Some time will be required before we work on your custom dashboards. At this point, it's important to understand your current goals so we can focus on them.